Sandia Mountians Hiking Adventures

Education Through Observation

2017 (updated May 25)

Before the mountains were brought forth, or ever thou hadst formed the earth and the world, even from everlasting to everlasting, thou art God. – Psa 90:2 

Day-hikes for youth and adults capable of hiking about six hours in moderate mountain terrain.  Group size limited to 20 people.  Please RSVP -

Bring water, hat, snacks, and lunch.  Bring poncho in case of rain on the trail.  Most of the trails are sheltered by trees and pace will be easy.  Hikes may be cancelled for inclement weather (five day forecast) or fire restrictions (Sandia Ranger District).  Look for cancellations posted on this website or call 505 609-9609 if in doubt.



Trail Guide: Mark Burton,

Youth leadership encouraged:

·        Level I – Hike the trail with a group

·        Level II – Find the way yourself

·        Level III – Lead a group to the site


Be sure to RSVP if planning to hike.

Hikes may be cancelled due to inclement weather or fire restrictions

Theme: Lonely are the Brave
Trail closed Mar 1 to Aug 15 every year

            Departure: Piedra Lisa Trailhead (N of La Luz)

            Destination: Lonely are the Brave Geocache

Area: Trail is steep at times and difficult to see, but GPS allows easy tracking

Special Treat: extensive footage of the Sandias in the movie 

Departure Time: 9am (approx 6 hours round trip)


·        Sat, Mar 18, 2017 – (Faulty - End to End, North to South)

Theme: How far can you hike? 
Departure: Doc Long Picnic Area

            Destination: Canyon Estates Parking Area

Area:  Long hike but easy terrain; 800' drop in elevation over 14 miles

Special Treat: Look for wreckage of most recent crash (Nov 2015)

Bring stories, jokes, songs - whatever it takes to keep moving

Departure Time: 8am (approx 10 hours)


·        Sat, Apr 15, 2017 – (Post Pass)

Theme: Over the mountain
Departure: Three Gun Spring (Monticello Parking Area)

            Destination: Embudo Canyon Parking Area (Indian School) 

Area: Steady climb to Post Pass, then downhill to Embudo Spring

Departure Time: 9am (approx 4 hours)


·        Sat, May 20, 2017 – (Family 50)

Theme: Stop and Smell the Roses (Mac Davis, 1974)
Departure: Smith’s Parking Lot (Central & Tramway)

            Destination: 50 mile loop bicycle ride around Albuquerque 

Area: City of Albuquerque working on connecting all the pieces. Most of ride on bike trails, lanes, and routes. Route modified to use bike routes on the southern end (Cesar Chavez, Santa Clara, Kathryn, Southern).

Departure Time: 9am (approx 6 hours)