Science Fair Special Awards

Regional Science Fair (next event is Mar 2017)

NM Science Foundation presented the Heisenberg Uncertainty Award to:

2012 - Eli Glickman for his project on DNA & Computer Programs

2015 - Lainy Robbins for her project on Drugs & Money correlating residue on money to drug sales

NM Science Foundation presented the Schrödenger Indeterminacy Award to:

2014 - Olivia Martinez for her project on Flying in Formation

2011 - Sarah Lynas for her project on Natural Order

NM Science Foundation presented the Gödel Incompleteness Award to:

2016 - Ahmed for his project on zebra stripe cooling

2013 - Lauren Soherr for her project on artificial aging of a forgery

2010 - Joseph Malone for his project on Random Generation

Kurt Gödel (1906-1978)
Incompleteness Theroem

Erwin Schrödenger (1887-1961)
Indeterminacy Theroem

Werner Heisenberg (1901-1976)
Uncertainty Principle